Plantonix coco pith briquettes are a 100% natural and organic premier growing soil amendment. It is the best natural alternative to peat moss with a neutral pH. Plantonix coco peat is free from dirt, foreign material, and weed seeds. The washed raw material is screened to remove dirt and larger lumps to get a superior texture. Used as a growing medium, coco peat outperforms most brands of peat and sphagnum peat. Plantonix coir compressed 10 lb block is commonly used in home gardens, commercial growing, potting mixes, greenhouses, etc. Coco bliss is a superior growing medium, that is easy to transport and cost-effective. The 10 lb block expands to 2.5 cu ft after hydration.
  • Coco coir 10 lb Block.
  • Explosive root formation and increased plant vigor.
  • Very low EC levels.
  • High cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • Superior water holding capacity.
  • Ability to retain nutrients against leaching and to buffer supply.
  • Slow breakdown of materials means the product will not shrink during your growing cycle.
  • Re-wets easily and reduces watering frequency without plant stress.
  • Has superior water holding capacity allowing for excellent air space and drainage.
  • Can be used as a soil amendment for potted plants, containers, and gardens and is a sustainable alternative to peat moss.
  • Easier to hydrate and lasts longer in soil than peat moss, all the while not destroying natural peat bogs.
  • Helps break up hard clay soils so that nutrients can be used more efficiently.


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