500g in the package

Item: Kiryuzuna
Size: 1-3mm
PH: 6.5
1)Improve the soil. Tongsheng sand is a good soil improvement material, which is helpful for plant growth.
2)It has a wide range of applications and good water retention. It is used as a culture medium for orchids, foliage plants and succulents
3)High iron content, like hard rock sand, porous russet, hard texture and not fragile, suitable for plants that like iron

Scope of application:
Cactus and Schlumbergera are more suitable and also used in potted plants such as stone, prickly pear, succulent orchids and so on.
Used as a culture medium for alpine flowers, national orchids, foliage plants, etc.
It can be mixed with red jade soil to improve the drainage of the cultivated soil. Not easy to crush, suitable for plants that do not like to change pots and do not need to change pots.
Hard to crush by hands.


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