CAPACITY: 500g/bottle
 Usage: break the soil and bury it shallow, do not touch the root system.

Frequency of use: once time evry 15-20 days

amount of usage:
example:The diameter of flowerpot  is 20cm, use 15 grains at a time.
Break the soil and bury it shallow, do not touch the root system.
The plants are robust and can be properly fertilized in the growing season, and less or no fertilizer in the dormant.
Nitrogen phosphorus potassium compound fertilizer, fertilizer for orchid
Nitrogen:Phosphorus:potassium: 15-5-20, especially adding trace elements required for orchid growth.
Usage method:
Potting: shallow burying along the edge of the basin, evenly spreading into the surface of the basin soil and covering it with soil.
Pot size 8cm: half spoon 1g; Pot size 13cm: 1 scoop 2g; Pot size 20cm: 2 spoons 4g; Pot size 30cm: 3 spoons 6g.
Melt water: 10 capsules mixed with 500ml water
Application frequency: 15-20 days / time
Ground planting: the amount of base fertilizer is 30-50g / m2, and the covering soil is about 10cm.
Quality life: 3 years
1. The fertilizer shall not be close to the root system of the plant
2. Keep it out of the reach of children
3. Please put it in a cool and dry place below 50 degrees.
4. If excessive fertilization is found, please clean and water it for dilution.


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