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5pcs Echeveria Ocean Star Yellow


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5pcs Echeveria Ocean Star Yellow

5pcs Echeveria Ocean Star Yellow

About Color:It's normal for succulents to be slightly different in color than they appear in photos, due to the differences of season/climate/temperature/light

About Deliver:Preparation time about 7-12 days after cleaning and air-drying, ensure you will receive the succulents with nice condition

Selling Type: Bare Root (without pot)

Diameter: 60mm
Minimum amount of succulents is $300
Minimun quantity fo each variety, unit price < $10 MOQ 5, unit price over $10 MOQ 1

What should I do after receiving the succulents?
After long-term transportation, the succulent plants need to be unpacked immediately after arrival.
1. Please remove soil from plant roots
2. Trim the roots of the plant to about 2cm
3. Place the plant in a cool, ventilated place for 1-2 days
4. First water after a week of planting, and keep it in a ventilated and sunny place, but avoid direct sunlight
5. If there are damaged leaves need to be removed before planting
I hope your plants can grow up and become beautiful soon.

Common normal condition for succulents.
1.It's normal for succulents to be slightly different in color or size than they appear in photos, due to the differences of season, climate, temperature, and light.
2.It is normal for succulents will be slightly damaged during long-time transportation.
- The lateral branch is crushed or dropped.
- Slightly stretch out.
- Leaf falling.
- Leaves slightly withered or dry. Or due to the normal metabolism of the plant, the bottom leaves dry out or rot.

About Succulent damage
It is normal for succulents with "Lateral branch crushed or dropped, sightly stretch out, leaf falling" during transportation, we are not responsible for it.

If you find that there are black, rotten, watering and other issues in the received succulents, please immediately take photos of all the damaged succulents to us (Please put all damaged ones of same variety together for photos).

We will give relevant refund for them or will replace them for free in your next shipment.

Kind tips
1.Each succulent will have a corresponding label on the outer packaging. Please check the total number of products first. For missing goods or quality problems, please take photos or video records and contact us within 48 hours!
2.Please take pictures of the outer boxes and the state of the plants, and we will properly handle it according to the following compensation standards. If it exceeds 48 hours, all losses shall be borne by the buyer.
3.Leaves in wrinkled or wilted: In order to ensure the survival rate of succulents, we always dry them for delivery, so it is normal to receive wilted and become slightly smaller sizes. Please plant in wet soil, it will recover in a week or two.
4.Some succulent leaves are relatively fragile, and it is normal for the leaves to fall off. Please choose healthy leaves. Let's do leaf cuttings together! Put the leaves flat on the surface of the soil. When the temperature and humidity are suitable, the leaves will germinate. When the cuttings grow up, they will become a new succulent again!

Let’s keep a peaceful and caring mind when importing and planting succulents.

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