NATURE CARING COCONUT COIR BRICKS: Say yes to this coco soil. It is a lighter, more sustainable way of nourishing your plants. Our coco coir bulk is peat moss free, made from genuine coco husks, has low EC, is renewable & fortifies seedling growth. MADE FOR OPTIMUM AERATION & DRAINAGE: This coir for plants works like vermiculite to help your plants absorb water more effectively. Vivlly's coconut husk for planting also drains excess liquid to reduce oversaturation & prevent waterlogged roots. COCO COIR SOIL FOR HEALTHY ROOT GROWTH: Retain the essential nutrients needed by your plants with our coco brick. This coconut coir for plants is ideal for growing seeds & cuttings as it supports successful germination. QUICK EXPANSION COCONUT FIBER BRICK: Made to break apart easily, this organic coco coir helps fill up planters, pots & vases. Build a strong base for your seedlings with our coconut brick & start growing healthy live plants!ย  PROMISE: We give you premium & organic coco chips for small to large planters. Start growing healthy indoor, outdoor, or house plants by giving them a quality growing medium. Grab our coco husk for plants now! We give you premium coir brick that you can use as a seed starter soil to start growing strong, happy & healthy plants. Our coco fiber brick is made of premium-grade compressed coco coir. Each brick measures 7.8 x 3.95 x 2 Inches (20 x 10 x 5 cm). coco fiber substrate is available as a single brick, in packs of 5, 10, 15 & 20. Have fun gardening & enjoy your planting hobby withย  coconut coir bulk. We made these coco coir chips friendly for our environment so you get to plant responsibly. Unlike peat moss which is non-renewable & hardly replaceable, our coco coir pith is a renewable compressed soil for your plants. It is easy to produce or reproduce. With our seed starting mix, you'll be confident that no animal habitats are destroyed & the environment is protected. Give your plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables the best medium for short to long-term growth. Coconut coir bricks ensure that your plants get the right start they need to grow well. This coco brick doesn't dry out or restrict root growth so that you'll get stronger, healthier plants from root to tip. Allow your plants to absorb nutrients while maintaining pH balance with our coir compost. This coconut fiber for plants sheds excess water to prevent oversaturation & helps improve oxygenation through compaction. Ready to build a growth-friendly ecosystem for your germinating seeds, seedlings & cuttings?

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