Bullet Points:
1. Rich Nutrients: This Succulent Fertilizer contains a comprehensive and balanced nutrient ratio that can promote the rapid differentiation of plants. It also helps plants actively absorb external nutrition. It is a great choice to help plants grow healthy and strong.
2. Effortless Plant Care: With Fruit Tree Fertilizer, you can take care of your expensive plants effortlessly and enjoy their beauty. No need to worry about the complexities of plant propagation, just apply our fertilizer and watch them thrive.
3. Easily Used: Dilute 5ml of Indoor Plant Fertilizer with 2.5kg of water and apply it every 7-10 days. Overflowing water into the soil can harm your plants, but this fertilizer prevents that.
4. Portable and Convenient: This Plant Fertilizer is small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry around. You can use it anytime and anywhere to nourish your plants and boost their growth.
5. Scope of Application: Whether you want to grow flowers, succulents, fruit trees, seedlings, or garden plants, this Liquid Fertilizer for Outdoor Plants can help you achieve your cultivation goals.

Succulent Fertilizer has a comprehensive and balanced nutrient ratio for optimal growth and health. Just mix 5 ml of the fertilizer with 2.5kg of water and apply it to your garden plants. The bottle is small in size, so you can store it easily and use it whenever you need it.

1. Product size: about 12.5*4cm/4.92*1.57in
2. Product capacity: 100ML
3. Scope of application: all plants
4. Shelf life: 24 months

Product List:
Succulent Fertilizer*1

1. This product is a high-concentration nutrient solution. The stock solution cannot be poured directly, it needs to be diluted before use. Note that the fertilizer should be applied frequently, and the concentration of an application should not be too high.
2. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
3. Compare the detailed size with yours. Please allow a 1-2mm error due to manual measurement.
4. Store in a cool and dry place, sun-proof, sealed storage, keep away from food, animals, and feed, and prevent children from eating by mistake. If accidentally swallowed, please seek medical treat at the nearest hospital.


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