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Succulent plant nutrient Solution

$128.00 $54.00

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Succulent plant nutrient Solution

Succulent plant nutrient Solution

$128.00 $54.00

[Multi fleshy nutrient solution] This product is a concentrated multi fleshy special nutrient solution with a precise multi fleshy formula, high in nutrients, and easy to absorb. It can effectively promote the rooting and growth of multi fleshy, strong and lustrous.

[Important reminder] Concentrated nutrient solution should be diluted with water first! When the fleshy soil is dry and needs watering, it can be mixed with nutrient solution and watered together according to the instructions.

Net content: 500ML

Validity: 3 years
Suitable plants: various succulent plants
Product efficacy: Rooting and root protection, dwarf and enhance color
Usage: Dilute with water before pouring soil
Usage cycle: Apply once every 7-10 days
Storage location: A cool and ventilated place, protected from children
usage method

1. Dilute with water
Take 30 ML of nutrient, mix 500 ML to 1000 ML of water, stir well, and then apply
(Available bottle cap quantity, about 30ML per bottle cap)

2. Root irrigation
After diluting in proportion, irrigate the roots until the soil around the plant is sufficiently moist. Potted plants should be thoroughly watered to allow the roots to fully contact the nutrient (If the pot soil is still wet, do not apply it. Wait until the pot soil is dry before applying the nutrient solution.)

3. Application cycle
Apply fertilizer every 7-15 days. It is recommended to apply it in the morning for the best effect. Try to avoid applying it in high temperatures and direct sunlight. Do not apply outdoor plants on rainy days (rainy days are too wet)