Bullet Points:
1.Efficient Moisture Management: With our coco coir brick, keep your plants hydrating for longer periods, without the trouble of frequent watering. It maintains moisture consistently, so you can enjoy long lasting hydration and healthy plants.
2.Optimal Aeration: Ensure healthy root development with our lightweight and well-draining coconut growth medium. The low EC and pH balanced soil promote optimal nutrient absorption for enhanced plant growth. With excellent aeration, our Coco Coir Brick creates the perfect environment for thriving plants.
3.Sustainable Gardening Companion: Made from coconut shells, our coco coir brick is a natural and sustainable option for your gardening needs. Improve soil drainage, aeration, and moisture retention without harming the environment.
4.Multifunctional Coir Brick: Use as a potting mix, soil amendment, or starting medium for your plants. Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening, raised beds, containers and hydroponic systems. Has many uses and advantages for your plants.
5.Convenient Preparation: Achieve perfect potting soil instantly with our coco coir brick. Made from pure coconut shells, free from debris, weeds, and twigs. Just add water for light and fluffy soil that promote healthy plant growth.

Our coco peat is made from coconut shells, offering an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional soil. It's lightweight and drains well, providing optimal aeration for healthy root development. Plus, it doesn't require frequent watering! Whether you're gardening indoors or out, in raised beds or containers, or in hydroponic systems, our coco peat is the perfect choice. Simply add water and it's ready to use!

Name: Coco Coir Brick
Material: raw coconut shell
Weight: 4.1kg
Size: 29.5cmx29.5cmx10cm


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