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Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 31 products
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Rose Fungicide and Black SpotRose Fungicide and Black Spot
Old Garden Shop Rose Fungicide and Black Spot
Sale priceFrom $16.88 USD Regular price$28.66 USD
In stock, 191 units
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Flower InsecticideFlower Insecticide
Old Garden Shop Flower Insecticide
Sale priceFrom $16.89 USD Regular price$28.99 USD
In stock, 290 units
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Sprouts Booster 300mlSprouts Booster 300ml
Old Garden Shop Sprouts Booster 300ml
Sale priceFrom $25.99 USD Regular price$57.98 USD
In stock, 8329 units
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Insect-proof granules 50G
Old Garden Shop Insect-proof granules 50G
Sale price$16.48 USD
In stock, 974 units
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Hua Bing Kang | Rose FungicideHua Bing Kang | Rose Fungicide
Old Garden Shop Hua Bing Kang | Rose Fungicide
Sale priceFrom $24.99 USD Regular price$57.99 USD
In stock, 1093 units
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Plant Pest Control 500mlPlant Pest Control 500ml
Old Garden Shop Plant Pest Control 500ml
Sale priceFrom $34.99 USD Regular price$77.98 USD
In stock, 1175 units
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Flowering Hormone Spray
Old Garden Shop Flowering Hormone Spray
Sale price$24.99 USD Regular price$51.99 USD
In stock, 977 units
Succulent Root King
Old Garden Shop Succulent Root King
Sale price$18.98 USD
In stock, 983 units
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Color Booster 300ml
Old Garden Shop Color Booster 300ml
Sale price$23.99 USD Regular price$57.76 USD
In stock, 1051 units
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Succulent Care Combo 5item
Old Garden Shop Succulent Care Combo 5item
Sale price$109.85 USD Regular price$249.46 USD
In stock, 995 units
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Black Root NemesisBlack Root Nemesis
Old Garden Shop Black Root Nemesis
Sale price$19.24 USD Regular price$43.76 USD
In stock
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Yegbong Orchid Fertilizer 50mlYegbong Orchid Fertilizer 50ml
Old Garden Shop Yegbong Orchid Fertilizer 50ml
Sale price$18.99 USD Regular price$33.34 USD
In stock, 973 units
Save 79%
Plant Nutrient Solution for OrchidsPlant Nutrient Solution for Orchids
Old Garden Shop Plant Nutrient Solution for Orchids
Sale priceFrom $7.99 USD Regular price$37.98 USD
In stock, 1990 units
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Phytobacteria clear up 300ml
Old Garden Shop Phytobacteria clear up 300ml
Sale price$24.97 USD Regular price$62.99 USD
In stock, 9933 units
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Bud Fertilizers SucculentsBud Fertilizers Succulents
Old Garden Shop Bud Fertilizers Succulents
Sale priceFrom $23.99 USD Regular price$47.98 USD
In stock, 5959 units
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Nutrient Solution
Old Garden Shop Nutrient Solution
Sale price$36.00 USD Regular price$86.00 USD
In stock, 1186 units
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Iron supplementation for plants
Old Garden Shop Iron supplementation for plants
Sale price$28.99 USD Regular price$55.98 USD
In stock, 993 units
Save 50%
Color-enhancing care solutionColor-enhancing care solution
Old Garden Shop Color-enhancing care solution
Sale priceFrom $23.99 USD Regular price$47.98 USD
In stock, 3994 units
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Plant Rooting Stimulator
Old Garden Shop Plant Rooting Stimulator
Sale price$18.68 USD Regular price$36.78 USD
In stock, 979 units
Save 54%
Succulent Color & Bloom Booster
Old Garden Shop Succulent Color & Bloom Booster
Sale price$26.86 USD Regular price$57.98 USD
In stock, 995 units
Save 56%
Slow-release fertilizer
Old Garden Shop Slow-release fertilizer
Sale price$21.20 USD Regular price$48.40 USD
In stock, 1090 units
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Succulent Stress Care Liquid
Old Garden Shop Succulent Stress Care Liquid
Sale price$28.99 USD Regular price$69.98 USD
In stock, 1085 units
Save 58%
Disinfectant without dilution
Old Garden Shop Disinfectant without dilution
Sale price$39.99 USD Regular price$96.00 USD
In stock, 9994 units
Save 60%
Liquid Succulent Food
Old Garden Shop Liquid Succulent Food
Sale price$18.26 USD Regular price$45.72 USD
In stock, 2996 units

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