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Yegbong Orchid Fertilizer

$33.34 $21.29

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Yegbong Orchid Fertilizer

Yegbong Orchid Fertilizer

$33.34 $21.29

Name: Liquid Orchid Fertilizer

Capacity: 50ml

1. Promotes Plant Health and Beauty: This liquid orchid fertilizer provides balanced nutrition and liquid plant nutrients that help your orchids stay fit and active. It improves its growth, flowering and general health.

2. Safe and Organic: This liquid orchid fertilizer is made from natural ingredients that provide organic nutrition for your orchids. It is safe around children and pets and promotes healthy flowering and growth.

3. Improves plant growth: This liquid orchid fertilizer has a fast-rooting formula that improves soil fertility and allows double uptake of essential nutrients from roots and leaves. Helps your plants thrive with a stronger root system.

4. Wide Application: This liquid orchid fertilizer is widely used for acid-loving houseplants such as Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Cymbidium and Vanda. It helps them grow healthy and beautiful flowers.

5. Easy to use and effective: This liquid orchid fertilizer comes in a 50ml bottle that is easy to apply and store. It promotes the flowering and growth of your orchids by providing them with essential nutrients.

Packing list:

1 * orchid liquid fertilizer