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Plant Rooting Stimulator

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Plant Rooting Stimulator

Plant Rooting Stimulator

Bullet Points:
1.Rapid Rooting: No need to wait for a long growth cycle. With Plant Rooting Liquid, you can let your cuttings grow healthy roots in a short period of time, saving you time and energy.
2.Adequate Nutrition: By providing adequate nutrition, this liquid helps your flowers and plants grow lu sh and green. It also supplies various trace elements and organic substances that enhance the power of resistance of plants.
3.Easy To Use: Just drop the liquid plant rooting solution into the water and soak your cuttings. No need for complex tools or steps. Dilute proportionally according to the instructions and watch your plants grow healthy roots.
4.Wide Application: This liquid can help you breed more plants by stimulating the growth of roots in various plants, such as flowers, fruits, ornamental plants and vegetables. Whether you want to propagate your succulents or grow new plants from cuttings, this liquid is suitable for you.
5.Co Planting: With Plant Root Booster Liquid, you can easily propagate new plants from cuttings and share them with your family and friends. Create a green space that belongs to you and enhance your emotions by being close to nature.
Want to let your flowers and plants be full of greenery and fruit? Try Plant Root Booster Liquid, the easy and effective way to stimulate root growth. No need for complex tools or steps, just apply a few drops to the cuttings and watch them take root in no time. Plant Root Booster Liquid is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables and more.
Product name: Plant Rooting Liquid
Capacity: 50ml
Suitable for: rapid rooting, seedling lifting and strengthening, etc
Packing List:
Plant Rooting Liquid * 1
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