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Sprouts Booster

$57.98 $28.99


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Sprouts Booster

Sprouts Booster

$57.98 $28.99

Usage method 

 1. Leaf insert

Spray the stock solution evenly and continuously for 2-3 times with an interval of no less than 5-7 days. After the second spray, observe the growth state.

 2. Old piles
Take out the stoste and apply it to the growing point with a cotton stick. Press it for 10 seconds and use it for 3-5 times with an interval of no less than 5-7 days. Wait for the growing point to germinate after taking the drug.

Note 1: Since the goods are liquid customs to check, it will take longer to ship than other types of goods

NOTE 2: The product should be used for propaganda in spring when the weather is cool. In the winter when the weather is cold, prioritize buying Color Booster spray for let succulents have beautiful colors and Increases Resistance spray.
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