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Styling Crotons Throughout the Years

By :Henry Davis 0 comments
Styling Crotons Throughout the Years

If you’re a loyal Anita’s customer, you know that the arrival of crotons signals the start of fall around here. While these vibrant plants are actually tropical and a year round beauty, they have become a quintessential ingredient for our fall gardens thanks to their color palette. Here are some of our favorite inspiration photos of croton styling from years past. If you’re looking for a plant to bring fall into your home, this is it! Plus, crotons can be kept year round, long after fall has passed.

Crotons are relatively low maintenance and make great houseplants that can easily add color to a room. Here are some tips to keep your plant thriving for years to come. 

  • Your croton loves a sunny location to produce more color variation on its leaves. Crotons can tolerate shade but color loss may occur. 
  • Crotons can dry out in between waterings. Check for wilting leaves- this is a sign that your croton needs to be watered. 
  • Crotons can be planted outside in Florida due to our humid and hot summers and make great landscape plants.
  • Crotons thrive in humidity. If you’re unable to place your croton in a humid area of your home, misting once a week should do.
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