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What factors affect the color of Succulents?

By :Nguyen Donna 0 comments
What factors affect the color of Succulents?

The first mandatory factor is temperature, the second is light and sunshine and finally the amount of water needed

Before entering the exchange color for succulents, we will first change the soil for succulents, prune the roots to make it airy for about 1 month and then proceed to press color.

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Temperature. When the succulents are in cold porcelain, their color will change to suit the cold weather, but when they return to hot weather, the color of the succulents will change to another color to suit the hot weather. . That's also the reason why when you first buy succulents they have beautiful colors but after a while they change to a different color.

When you are in a hot place, you can choose a place with a lot of sunlight and the succulents will change color.ย Choosing a place with sunlight can be found, but the difficulty is controlling the amount of watering.ย Make sure to use the right amount of water like a natural plant so that the succulents will have a beautiful color

How to do it: We will mix the soil material so that it drains quickly. You should use rocks such as rainbow rocks for succulence, and limit the use of water-retaining materials such as coconut fiber to help plants grow in the same conditions as in nature.

Watering time: You should wait until the top surface of the soil is completely dry before continuing to water. This watering method will keep the succulents always hydrated without overwatering. From there, the tree will have a more beautiful color. If you want even better color, space out additional watering intervals. However, this method of exchange color will cause the tree to be in a slightly wilted state

However, I would not recommend this exchange color method to beginners. Beginners should start with how to plant, care for, prune the roots and how to plant the soil. That means you need to know how to grow and care for healthy succulents before exchange colorย . In addition, you need to understand the signs when succulents are infected to promptly handle them

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