Fresh cut fruit storage box

Color: G
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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Style: Classic Style

Material: Plastic

Product selling point

1. Easy to carry, with it, you can lock the taste of fruits and vegetables, make the cut fruits and vegetables easier to save, open and use, and enjoy a good meal time;

2. The film telescopic design fixes the half-cut fruit firmly to avoid contact in the air and ensure food safety;

3. Simple shape, combined with high color value, safe and beautiful, unique shape design is different;

4. Easy to clean, recyclable, more environmentally friendly and comfortable. It is small in size, does not occupy an area, the refrigerator does not have any smell, is not afraid of cold storage, clean storage creates a clean space;

5. Easy to use, once everything is covered, you can easily lock the delicious food and keep it fresh.

Product specifications

name: food fruit sealed silicone film preservation box
Material: ABS silicone
A: lemon fresh-keeping box;
B: avocado safety box;
C: tomato fresh-keeping box;
D: onion fresh-keeping box;
E: orange fresh-keeping box;
F: purple fresh-keeping box;
G: cyan fresh-keeping box.

Size: A:10*10*2.5CM ;
Net weight:

Product List

food Fruit Sealed Silicone Film Preservation Box * 1

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