Storage Box 4/6 Grid Food

SIZE: 4 Grids Box
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SKU: 3CV10352

Size: 22.8*16*8.5cm

Color: Transparent

Type 1: Fridge Food Storage Container

Type 2: Refrigerator Divided Container

Type 3: Reusable Fresh Produce Fruit Organizer with Lid

Type 4: Fridge Organizer With Drain Basket

Type 5: Fresh Vegetable Fruit Boxes

Type 6: Kitchen Organizer

Type 7: 4/6 Grids Food Fruit Storage Box

Type 8: Portable Compartment Refrigerator Freezer Organizers

Type 9: Sub-Packed Meat Onion Ginger Clear Crisper

Brand Name: kevat vesi

Style: Modern Style

Material: Plastic

Origin: Mainland China

Refrigerator Storage Box 4/6 Grids Food Vegetable Fruit Storage Box


1. The grid design of the compartment part is convenient to use, sealed and fresh, and has no peculiar smell.
2. Draining design can effectively filter out excess water and prolong the freshness of ingredients.
3. Food PP material, low temperature resistance, can be stored in a refrigerator at -20°C.
4. Good sealing, compact and portable. Use as a picnic grill with chopped green onions and a fruit cutting board. It can store minced green onion, minced garlic, minced ginger, fruits, vegetables, etc.


Material: PP
Color: Transparent
Size: 22.8*16*8.5cm; 17*15.5*7.5cm
Package Include: 1 * Refirgerator Storage Box

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