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How To Care For Succulent Arrangement

By :Nguyen Donna 0 comments
How To Care For Succulent Arrangement

Watering Your Succulent Dish Garden

Succulents store water in their leaves, stems, and roots so they can go a week or more without being watered.

Drainage: If there's a drainage hole in your planter, add water until it flows from the drainage hole. If there's not a drainage hole, water only enough to dampen the soil top to bottom. You've given the right amount of water if the soil is barely damp or it dries out within 3-4 days. We do not recommend misting succulents, water pooling on succulent leaves will rot them. If your plants outgrow their planter, replant in a larger planter with a soil that drains well. Cactus or Succulent soil mix is available at Home Depot, Lowes, or other garden stores.

Winter: Water only if the soil is completely dry. Feel the soil as far as your finger length or use a plant Water Meter to check the soil moisture. If the soil feels dry or the meter reads 0, it's time to water. If the soil is damp or the meter reads 1+ wait several days or until the Meter reads 0. Water only until the soil is damp from top to bottom of the planter. Please allow the soil to dry out completely again before watering. Water until the soil is damp, not muddy.

Summer: Test the soil to see if it's dry before watering. If the soil is damp, wait for until it is completely dry. Succulents may need water two or more times a week during really hot, dry weather. Check the soil 1-2 times a week and be sure to water if the soil is dry to the bottom of the container. Often watering once a week is all that's needed. Water until the soil is saturated but not muddy.

How Much Sunshine Does Your Arrangement Need?:

Succulents need to bask in sunshine. Lots of bright sunshine brings out the beautiful colors in succulents.

Winter: Succulents can't get too much sunshine in winter. Even winter's mid-day sun is mild enough for succulents and will keep them bright and beautiful. Please protect from frost.

Summer: Direct, mid-day summer sun can burn succulent leaves, but hours of gentler morning and late afternoon sunshine will keep their leaves colorful and flowerlike. A little protection directly overhead (like a shallow porch) can help shield your succulents from harsh mid-day sun.

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